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The entire wedding was a tease.



The entire wedding was a tease.


HIMYM fans: Hope you make a great finale for the show
HIMYM writers: No can dosville babydoll


I was reading a review defending the ending of HIMYM and I stopped when I read, “meeting the mother wasn’t the intent of the show”

"meeting the mother wasn’t the intent of the show"

"meeting the mother wasn’t the intent of the show"



what irks me about how i met your mother is that they had the perfect opportunity for the series finale, but they fucked it up in every possible level

they could’ve

  • made Marshall Fudge Supreme (like in the finale) and made Lily’s art career take off while they STILL had a loving, healthy…
A day may come when we’ll accept How I Met Your Mother’s finale, and stop bitching about it…

… but it is not this day.


Every other fandom: *prays they don’t have a series finale as bad as HIMYM’s*


All these years, David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca were probably like



I’ve been fluctuating between these two feelings.
As of right now my life should become some emotional documentary called “How I Met Anti-Depressant Pills”.
Kids, this is how you mess up a finale:
a. You break up a couple (Barney and Robin) you had been rooting for, for years! A couple that helped both halves grow: one opened up and accepted love while the other matured and learned what love IS. And then they get into a divorce, leaving their friendship in messy shambles.
b. you break up the gang. After spending nine years, growing up with these characters, loving them as if they were YOUR best buddies, that gang doesn’t really exist anymore. One friend’s left and they’re all super busy and it’s basically “yep viewers barney, robin, ted, marshall and lily they hang out sometimes but not much ‘cause at this point they all have stuff”.
c. you allow the playboy (barney) to revert to his ways after he finally agrees to commit and really believes he loves this woman (robin). After all that character development it goes back to that?
d. you give the playboy an emotional scene but then you kind of do a miserable fail with following up. Basically: Barney has a daughter with “No. 31” and when he holds her in his arms for the first time he declares that she is the love of his life and it’s truly so beautiful a few tears slip out. But what about #31? And that’s it, you give him an emotional scene with his baby for two minutes and that’s it shabam Barney’s back with his good virtues, life’s great, loose strings tied.
e. you hear about the man’s work and success but not the woman’s (unless it’s coming out of her uterus.) Judge fudge gets his dream but you don’t hear about his wife. Lily had dreams too, so why is that in previous episodes while we hear about her art dreams in the finale it’s all: Marshall, Marshall, Marshall. I’m happy for Judge Fudge (now Fudge Supreme) but Lily wasn’t just a mom and a wife, she was a character with aspirations and dreams too.
f. you kill a beloved character. I grew to love Season 9 because of The Mother and Ted. I had always worried that The Mother wouldn’t be well-written but I’ll give the writers (whom I deeply and full-heartedly despise) props for her. She was perfect. There is nothing I could change about her. Except for maybe her life status to not be deceased. I know it’s realistic and that she’s human, but I waited nine years and I met her and I loved her. So it hurt when they took her away- because I felt that she was exactly what was needed to sum up a happy ending.
g. you percept the story completely different as to how a viewer would see it. Ted tells this story so he can receive the “ok” from his kids to date Aunt Robin. WRONG. TOTALLY WRONG. The purpose of telling these stories with The Gang, talking about his life till the point he met their mother, was to talk about his journey through his golden years, how he grew up and what he learned and how his beloved friends affected his life and how they changed over the series. It explains how Teddy Westside needed that journey so he could become the man the mother fell in love with.
h. you pair two characters that shouldn’t end up together. Robin repetitively broke Ted’s heart and even though I love Scherbatsky, she was manipulative or careless when it came to Ted’s feelings at times. And for this relationship to revive, AGAIN, they divorced Barney and Robin.
i. you give someone ugly hair. Robin’s hair wtf.
j. you go full circle as in way too full circle. So even when I look at this without having too much anger over Barney and Robin being over- I don’t get how everything’s just like how it started. Robin’s back in her old apartment alone and she has a bunch of dogs and Ted comes back with the “Smurf Penis”. It’s all like before so I’m hoping the events of the series will all just happen again, The Mother will be resurrected and “Last Forever” will not be the last.

"There’s more to TV Shows than shipping."

Of course there is! But don’t even try to say that to someone who’s lost EIGHT SHIPS in ONE WEEK…